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Be part of the community that uses the power of crowd wisdom to generate solutions for problems such as the Sustainable Development Goals and more

Due to prototyping Slack will be the platform used for the time being.

Emergence, the theory of small things collectively becoming more than the sum of their parts. This can be seen very well in ant collonies. An “organism” that can wage wars, farm and build complex structures, things a single ant could never dream of. What if is possible to use this power, but instead of ants humans are the ones forming the collective. I am trying to find out just that and make use of that power to solve problems ranging from local issues and challanges within a company to wicked problems with global reach. I think that these nearly unsolvable threats to the world will not be solved by some person alone in a lab but rather together with the people living on this little blue planet.

Dear reader, who justifiably is critical about this idea and whether or not it could actually work, I want to share with you an example of crowd-wisdom in action.

In 2016 a training video of a syrian rebel group was posted online. People were outraged about the the video and wanted to do something about it. So they used circuit suspension towers seen in the video and videos like it to figure out the location of the secret rebel camp. Something multiple governments couldn’t do.

There are various other instances that show what crowd wisdom is capable of. Video games that allow people to outperform professional simulations and crowds figuring out the problem and pushing away entire train sections in order to free a woman.

Whether or not this effect can transition to the online world as well and help in solving major problems remains yet to be seen. I am prototyping for the purpose of finding out exactly that.

Currently this project is in an experimentation phase. Thus in order to prototype an infrastructure that can facilitate the emergence of crowd-wisdom Slack will be used as the problem solving platform.

The system is intended to work as follows:

Any problem can be tackled from many angles with different approaches. With multiple people working on one problem at the same time these approaches can be taken in parallel. During this everyone can also bring in new ideas and their expertise and their expertise and knowledge. This will mostly result in a lot of chaos, but the project aims to direct that chaos towards creative and effective solutions. Slack is one platform that can help with the directing and future version will be able to manage it even better.

Example Problems

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals that the UN states are the blueprint for a sustainable future for all.

These Goals include:

1. No Hunger

2. Zero Poverty

3. Good Health and Well Being

4. Quality Education

5. Gender Equality

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

10. Reduced Inequalities

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

13. Climate Action

14. Life Below Water

15. Life on Land

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

17. Partnerships

These are big goals that may effect your future and you can contribute!

Generating Steam for the University of Twente

The University of Twente is currently producing steam that is used for academic purposes using natural gas. The issue that the UT is facing is that this approach to steam production is neither sustainable nor good for the environment.

One possible approach to improving on this matter are steam production methods that utilize electricity rather than fossil fuels.

If you have other possible approaches or want to help make the university more sustainable join and share your ideas.

Challenges of Local Start-ups

The most entrepreneurial university of the netherlands, that is what the University of Twente is often called. As such there are a lot of start-ups on campus that try to lift of the ground and bring their ideas into the world. During that process they face many challenges, from their product to how they propperly sell said product or service to customers.

If you want to see your fellow students work succeed, join and help out your peers.

Creativity and Innovation for Companies

Some companies are within their very specific box of expertise and way of thinking. Thus they can be stuck when it comes to innovation and new ideas to grow. This can be ways to reach a new target group in a creative a new target group in a creative way or designing a product for their specific needs in an innovative way.

Join and display your value to companies by showing your creative mindset and innovative solutions.

Due to prototyping Slack will be the platform used for the time being.